Groundwater Inventory and Mapping Project (GWMAP) & Well Viewer

The Groundwater Inventory and Mapping interactive web site, GWMAP, which debuted in August 2005, has been retired, along with its companion interactive mapping web site, Well Viewer. Both GWMAP and Well viewer were developed using now-obsolete ArcIMS mapping tools and neither could sustain a required server upgrade.

GWMAP was initially developed in response to Public Act 148 (Michigan, Public Acts of 2003) which required the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to create a “groundwater inventory and map” to make the map and inventory available to the public. The act required that the work be completed by August 8, 2005. Development of the Well Viewer site and the continued maintenance of the GWMAP site were provided through the Water Resources Partnership, a four-year (2008 — 2012), Jointly Funded Agreement between Michigan State University and the Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources and the Environment (MDNRE). State of Michigan funding to support both web sites ceased at the end of 2012.

Some of the map products produced by the Groundwater Inventory and Mapping Project are available from the Michigan Geographic Data Library, but in most cases these data require GIS software to open, view and query them. The Wellogic digital water well dataset that had been available on both the GWMAP and the Well Viewer web sites can be viewed and interrogated using the GeoWebFace web mapping site.

Lastly, the Wellogic digital water well dataset is also available for interactive map use through the new Michigan GIS Open Data Portal.